The Brilliance in Goodbye.

i loved reading it. its explosive.


Like the haunting brilliance held within a collapsing star that has witnessed the unfolding of billions of galaxies which have come before and that now bows gracefully out of existence, bringing a legendary performance to a close through the rise and fall of birth and death – I rest in silent stillness, soaking in the memory of what we had become: a colorful display of passion painted with the rioting ferocity of fluctuating energy, magnetizing two wayward hearts in a space too vast to comprehend, yet grand enough to cradle the magnitude of love saturating our lives – a space which now stands witness to the timeless and explosive collision between the innocence in hello and the elegant beauty delicately preserved within the inevitable goodbye.

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Travelling to A Near by Town

I went on a trip to a near by town with a friend I have been friends with for about eight years. We went through my home town on the way there. As we passed my old catholic church I pointed it out. It was interesting how much that reminded me of my childhood.

I have a lot of memories in my hometown which isn’t far away. As the years go by I enjoy remembering life as it was in the past. My life now is enjoyable too.

When we came back I went into a bar and used the bathroom. I had never been in that bar before. I had passed it many times in the past. There was a wooden lumberjack statue in that bar, and I confused it for a real person because my eyes were adjusting to the darkness in the bar. It was quite bright outside.

Well, I feel kind of awkward sharing my day on a blog. I hope you enjoyed reading.

Sacrifices by Bruce Baugh

In the book Sacrifices by Bruce Baugh there is a character by the name of Willa Gebenstaler. In the prologue she is in Hamburg, Germany in a museum. It says she is in a dimly lit museum walking down the hallway with her phone. A cordless headset phone? And the museum with dimly lit rooms was her haven. Her haven? Really?

This book is almost three hundred pages long.  I had to look up the words “post mortem education.” Which means she studies dead bodies. What is a woman doing in a museum when she is studying dead bodies? It sounds suspicious. Later on down the page she is described as misbehaving toward her woman boss. She will be fired apparently.

I am only in the prologue and there is quite enough for me to comment on already. In the prologue the setting is on July 22nd, 2000 at 11:00pm. The first line is, “Willa Gebenstaler believed in the power of self-examination.” Does that mean she is self absorbed? Later on in the paragraph she says she likes philosophy.

She is in the Museum der Arbeit. I have no clue what that looks like. I must investigate using google… If I worked at that museum I would work at at getting fired too. I just watched a youtube video about the museum. It sucks big time. Who would work there? Miss Willa Gebenstaler better get on with her life before she gets stuck there. 51TCHJBVWML._SX273_BO1,204,203,200_


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