Kaldahl (Appel) House

I lived here with my sister and parents in 1995-7

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Kaldahl / Appel House & Ice Creamery, 28 2nd Avenue SW.  

It was built in 1916 and finished in stucco and field stone. The back building was an ice cream factory. Edwin Kaldahl’s sons were expert ski jumpers. His son Oliver “Tuddy” Kaldahl managed the Lakeside Ballroom for many years.

05a IMG_0543 Kaldahl

Kaldahl, Edwin 027 Edwin Kaldahl  in 1916 – owner of the house and the Ice Cream Factory.

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One Decade ago

Bragging Rights.

August 24, 2017

Ten years ago I had just got back from my second mission trip to Mexico and was getting ready to go to a discipleship training school for 20 weeks in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala. The base was in a small town just southwest of Antigua Guatemala called Ciudad Vieja. I graduated at the end of the 20 weeks and came home to minus 40 degree weather.

I didn’t go to Mexico for spring break like college students do when they are 21 or 22. I was there to help bring the gospel of Jesus to Mexicans. My church family consisted of my parents and military veterans which included a former marine, also I met a West Point graduate on my first trip to Mexico.

Before going on my second trip to Mexico, I was a security guard saving money for seven months to pay for my 20 week school in Guatemala. When I stopped working I got a going away present. It was a nice folder and a baseball hat.



Draft 18yrs+

Green feathered pillows were spread across the bed that was covered in leopard sheets. A naked woman was there half awake and half asleep. As she woke up she began to finger her pussy until she had an orgasm. When she was done with that she went back to sleep for a few hours. When she finally awoke for the day she went and took a shower. Her alarm clock went off while she was cleaning her breasts.

She said, “Shit!”

Her alarm clock was so annoying.

She ran out of the shower with a wet naked body. As she ran, her bottom jiggled up and down as drops of water fell on the carpet of her bedroom. Now that the alarm clock was turned off, she made her way back to the shower. Only half of her naked body was clean. She cleaned her body fully and stepped out of the shower which she turned off.

The mirror showed a wet naked woman drying herself off. She no longer had to worry about her alarm clock. She had to think about her day and the first things she had to do. Her first task was to get her work clothes on for her job. She walked into her bedroom with a towel on her head and one around her chest. She opened her dresser to find her work clothes. Work today was going to be harsh since the workplace had to shut off the air conditioning and the temperature was forecasted to be over ninety. She would have to bring a fan.






The Brilliance in Goodbye.

i loved reading it. its explosive.


Like the haunting brilliance held within a collapsing star that has witnessed the unfolding of billions of galaxies which have come before and that now bows gracefully out of existence, bringing a legendary performance to a close through the rise and fall of birth and death – I rest in silent stillness, soaking in the memory of what we had become: a colorful display of passion painted with the rioting ferocity of fluctuating energy, magnetizing two wayward hearts in a space too vast to comprehend, yet grand enough to cradle the magnitude of love saturating our lives – a space which now stands witness to the timeless and explosive collision between the innocence in hello and the elegant beauty delicately preserved within the inevitable goodbye.

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