Little Sally

Little sally went to the grocery store to buy some apples. On the way she found a book. She began reading it as she walked. She ran into a fence post she didn’t see since she was walking while reading. Silly Sally. How could she walk and read anyway? She was glad she didn’t go to far from home before she ran into the fence post. She hoped she could make it to the grocery store in a few minutes time. It wasn’t far away. She did finally make it to her destination. Once she was in the grocery store with her newly found book she searched for her grocery list. She found it in her coat pocket.

She read her item aloud from the list to her self. “Apples'” she said. She went and got her apples, paid and walked out of the grocery as quickly and politely as possible. She got home and found her place was ransacked by robbers. “Thieves!,” she yelled. Nothing was left untouched. Her entire place was no longer in good condition. The thieves took all of Sally’s valuable belongings including her jewelry. She wished she hadn’t left the door unlocked. She never experienced such a horrible event before, which is why she felt it was safe to leave her door unlocked.

Now she had to clean up her place and leave her apples and new book for another time.



When I started this blog, I only had my small computer from a dear friend of mine. I had two other friends writing almost daily on their blogs. It was a hoot. Now I struggle to blog. But I think things will pick up because my friend helps her friend with her blog. Blogging is a great time killer and a fun thing to do with friends.


A dragon rises into the air. He sees his prey. He then drops down to ground level and blows his fury toward his prey. He cooks them alive. After word the dragon eats a feast of roast humans, pigs, cows, and horses. Fried meat is the dragon’s diet. He enjoys his feast over an eight day period. He then goes up into the air and searches for more unsuspecting victims.

Downright silliness

The silliness is amazing enough these days. I can’t even explain how absolutely silly things are. I would love to explain and even be able to explain but it isn’t possible. I would like to write for hours and hours about this silliness that I am trying to describe but failing all the while. Writing about a silliness that is unexplainable is quite frivolous and really quite down right silly. Commence silliness.

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